Engineering Planning Has Begun!

Rebuilding the Shrine, home of our Infant King and a beloved city landmark, is beginning!

Within a few days of the decision to deed the property to the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest, the Institute’s architect, general contractor, and building engineers are working with the canons of the Shrine to begin the rebuilding plan! Preliminary structural analysis is ongoing at this time.

Phase I of the restoration project consists of sheltering the Shrine’s interior in order to provide the basis for its full restoration. This will involve clearing out the debris, reconstruction of the steel framework for the roofing system, repairing fire-damaged brick and stone, laying the new roof, and installing new thermal windows. More than ever, the Shrine will need your support for every truss, every shingle, every brick, and every hope of the Shrine as the phoenix rises from the ashes.

The Shrine is developing a fresh look to this website. You are invited to visit often for regular updates on progress and plans. Join us every step of the way!

You can help our community to rise with the Shrine by making a special gift for Phase I today. May the Infant Jesus reward you for your charity! Holy Mass is celebrated weekly for the intentions of all of you donors!