Bell Tower Campaign

Dear Friends and Donors of the Shrine,

We are launching a mini campaign to fix the Shrine’s bell tower as a preliminary step in the repair of the roof. The engineering evaluation discovered two of the lintels (reinforced concrete crossbeams) of the tower were seriously damaged by the fire, and these must be repaired before the new steel trusses can be attached to the tower. In addition to being an essential part of the roof’s support system, the bell tower belongs to the last Catholic church in Woodlawn, and is a symbolic beacon of hope in the south side of Chicago.

The total cost of the bell tower repair will be $200,000, and we aim to raise at least $50,000 of this total via

No mother or father in this world would want their home to be without a roof, and this is how the Shrine community feels towards their fire-ravaged spiritual home in the Woodlawn neighborhood. We all know what a harsh Chicago winter will mean for the Shrine: the cold winds will blow through the interior of the church, the snow will drift through the open roof, and freezing temperatures will surely wreak havoc on vulnerable architectural elements.

Weather permitting, the roof repair will begin by March, which means the bell tower must be stabilized before then. Please help us raise what we need to fix the lintels so we can put a roof on our home as soon as possible. Every penny we raise on GoFundMe from now until Christmas will be directed towards this mini campaign.

May God reward you for your generosity! Every week you and your intentions are remembered at a special Mass offered by the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest.