Field Inspection

CHICAGO, IL – Simpson Gumpertz & Heger (SGH) was on site today with Raffin Construction and Berglund Construction for the field inspection of the concrete pours in the bell tower that were done during the mild winter.  The fire had caused structural damage to the limestone and concrete lintel as well as the concrete slabs at each level of the tower.   The lintels were replaced with new concrete lintels and the floor was spot patched to ensure structural integrity.

DSC_9242 DSC_9243

Structural Calculations

This is not High School Algebra; this is one page of the Structural Calculations for the steel replacement trusses for the roof. The steel fabricator is working with the structural engineer to ensure the structural integrity of the new trusses prior to fabrication. In simple terms it is the process of measuring twice and cutting once. Mathematical calculations are created and verified for the loads that will be carried at each connection point of the truss. It is exciting and critical work for the Shrine!!