Upcoming Construction Schedule

CHICAGO, IL – As we Commemorate the 2nd Anniversary of the 2015 fire at the Shrine on October 7th, we are now able to update you on our adjusted construction schedule:

  • – Steel shop drawings have been approved and the materials to build the steel are being procured
  • – Fabrication of the steel to begin middle of October
  • – Steel roof framing will start erection early to mid-November
  • – Roof installation will begin at the beginning of the new year, January 2018
  • – Work will continue through the winter depending on good working conditions… prayers please!
  • – Critical Masonry work will continue throughout the steel setting process and will finish up in February after the roof has been completed.

Stay tuned for information regarding a recent development in the Shrine’s fundraising campaign. In the meantime, please notice our updated fundraising thermometer at the bottom of the ShrineLandmark.org Home Page which has reached $2.18 Million of our $3 Million goal for Phase 1!