Work Update and Upcoming Schedule!

CHICAGO, IL – Preparation work continues at the Shrine, prepping the bundling for the installation of the steel.

Update of work that was done in October 2017:

● Bond Beam work has been completed at the Altar and North and South Transept areas

● The Pediment wall at the far east side of the building over the Altar have been prepped for tuckpointing

Simpson Gumpertz & Heger, SGH, has been reengaged to provide guidance on the tuckpointing and stone weatherproofing at the pediment walls at the Altar

Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, WJE, is working out the details for the Southwest corner of the building

John Lyle and Associates, JLA, has been engaged to work with CDOT on closing half of 64th street during the steel installation

● Organ Loft has been demolished and debris has been removed

● Steel is in fabrication!

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Phase II

William Heyer Architects, WHA made a site visit to discuss next steps for Phase II

● Request for Proposal for HVAC Performance specification has been sent out

● ComEd Energy Efficiency Group has been engaged and may be a part of Phase II to help with providing the most efficient and energy conscious systems for the church

Upcoming Schedule!

10/30 – Start Steel Fabrication

11/27 – Finish Steel Fabrication

11/28 – Steel Delivery Start / Start Erection of Steel (6 weeks)

01/12/18 – Finish Steel Erection

01/15/18 – Start Roof Installation (4 weeks)

02/23/18 – Finish Roof