Investigating Limestone

CHICAGO, IL – Simpson Gumpertz & Heger (SGH) was out this week at the Shrine investigating the condition of the limestone on the interior face of the West Pediment Wall. The brick below the limestone needs to be removed to install steel plates for the new steel to tie back into the existing building structure. The brick condition at this location is poor due to being open to the weather for two season. More brick was removed than anticipated. The removal of the brick compromised the stability of the limestone. SGH was on site to make recommendations and construction continues to get ready for the steel delivery in January.

Truss No. 1 Mock Up

Late last week, Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates (WJE) was on site at the fabrication shop for the mock up of Truss No. 1. The mock up is done to demonstrate the proposed range of aesthetic effects and workmanship of steel surfaces and welded and bolted conditions. Truss No. 1 is now ready to be primed and painted. Truss No. 2 and 3 are both half way done. Steel is on schedule for a late January delivery to the job site!

This Week’s Work…

Work done this week at the Shrine…

Scaffolding was removed from the east wall behind the altar and moved to the west wall and erected on the choir loft. This will allow for access to the high pediment for masonry repairs.

Workers used the Genie lift to remove the purlins that attach to Truss No. 1 and the west pediment wall. This will allow access for the masons to make masonry repairs.

Shop fabrication continues: Truss No. 1, 2 & 3 are being made. Miscellaneous smaller steel angles, plates, etc. are done and will be delivered to the site next week.

Temporary power has been set up. The electrical to the building was removed after the fire. Temporary power has been set up to use for this phase of construction for the use of heat and power tools.

Simpson Grumpertz & Heger (SGH) has provided details and specifications for the rebuild of the limestone at the southwest corner. These stones were removed immediately after the fire due to unsafe conditions.

Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates (WJE) has provided direction for the tie in of the existing steel in the southwest corner. The heat of the fire badly damaged this area of the building, compromising the existing steel that will remain. WJE has provided the direction and details to tie the steel back into the building to be able to take future uplift wind loads.

Raffin Construction Co. provided an updated detailed schedule. January 26, 2018 is the delivery date for the steel to be on site.

Work Completed in November 2017

An update for the work done in November 2017 at the Shrine…

Phase I

* Southwest corner of the building was severely damaged by the fire

* Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates (WJE) reviewed the structural integrity of the area and provided details for strengthening the existing steel in the area

* Simpson Grumperts & Heger (SGH) assessed the exterior limestones that were removed just after the fire and are working on the puzzle diagram for installing the stones back on the building

* Bond beam has been set in the Southwest corner

* SGH has provided analysis of the stone at the east pediment of the sanctuary. The top cross and two stones under are displaced and will need to be removed and reset once the crane is on site

* All steel has been procured and is on site at the fabrication shop or their subcontracted shops

* Bend plates and Truss No. 1 are being fabricated

* A team meeting was held 11/29 to work on the schedule

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Phase II

* ComEd Energy Efficiency has approved Phase II of the project for services from ComEd’s Large Construction Group

* ComEd will provide free of charge energy audits of the design

* ComEd will provide cash back based on the final design

* ComEd will join the design team and be a part of the process from design through construction

* Request for Proposals for HVAC Performance Specification was sent out to three engineering firms

* Request for Proposal for Engineering was set out to three engineering firms


– 11/27: Steel in Fabrication, one truss a week

– 11/27: On site masonry prep continues on site

– 12/14: On site masonry demolition complete

– 12/14: Install bent plates

– 1/3/18: Install new masonry

– 1/26/18: On site masonry prep complete

– 1/29/18: Steel Delivery Start / Start Erection of Steel

There was a delay on procuring the steel, now that all steel is secured, Full Steam Ahead!