Mid-January Update

CHICAGO, IL – Due to the very cold temperatures, masonry work could not continue this past week. However, more brick and materials have arrived, and winterized scaffolding is now completely in place to continue work on the west elevation (above choir loft) once temperatures become a little warmer.

The steel trusses continue to be fabricated at the Southside shop. Truss No 1, 2 & 3 are done. Truss No 5 (photo at left) is being laid out and will be inspected by the engineers next week. By the end of next week half of the eight trusses will be fabricated. Due to the large size of the trusses, maneuvering them for the work in the shop is itself a time-consuming process. Angles/channels for purlins are being cut as well. Purlins are roof framing steel beams that span perpendicular to the trusses. Date of delivery still to be determined.