February Restoration Update

CHICAGO, IL – Update for the work done in February at the Shrine. It has been a busy month, but in simple terms below are the highlights.

Phase I

– Truss Nos. 1, 2, 3 & 4 have been sand blasted, primed and painted

– Truss Nos. 5 & 6 are in the que for blasting, priming and painting

– Truss Nos. 7 & 8 are to start fabrication

– Masonry work on the interior of the west pediment wall has finished

– Masonry work at the southwest corner has started in preparation for the steel

– Truss No. 1 will be delivered on site on March 8th

– On March 12th, 64th street will be closed from Woodlawn to the alley to the east

– First truss to be set in place the week of March 12th

Phase II

– Engineering firm has been selected

– Start of Architecture and Engineering is on hold waiting for funding for Phase II

– Canon Talarico and Studio 31a have visited two of the three companies that are vetting for the restoration of the large windows and creating of the stain glass.

Trusses Welded

CHICAGO, IL – Trusses 1, 2, and 3 had final hip connection pieces welded on last week. After all are complete they will be sandblasted and painted and will be ready for delivery early March!

Final Steel Delivered!

Chicago, IL – The final pieces of steel have been delivered to the fabrication shop!! Six of the eight trusses have been fabricated and are ready to be primed and painted. Trusses No. 7 & No. 8 start fabrication next week. The delivery date to the Shrine is scheduled for the first full week of March!

1950s Photos and Statue

CHICAGO, IL – Canon Matthew Talarico and A Elizabeth Ortner made a visit to Daprato Rigali Studios this week. It was a visit full of wonderful surprises! Daprato Rigali is one of the companies that is being interviewed for the restoration of the windows and the creation of the stained glass. It is a family owned company with a long history, including a history with St. Clara/St. Gelasius. The photos below were provided to us from their archive. It is of a May Day celebration in the 1950’s when the Shrine was the National Shrine of St. Therese of Lisieux.

There is a statue in the 1950’s photo of St. Elias. To our surprise, this statue was at the Daprato Rigali Studio! Thank you, Bob Rigali, for the wonderful visit.

Steel Milestone!

CHICAGO, IL – Truss No. 4 is in fabrication. This is a huge milestone, as we are now more than halfway done with completing all the steel fabrication!

Just to note, in previous updates as well as this update, when a Truss is mentioned all the miscellaneous steel that is attached to that truss is also being fabricated. The focus is on the large trusses, but all the smaller steel pieces, purlins, plates and angles are also being fabricated along with each truss.

Photos of Truss No. 4 in the shop… …