First Truss Installation

CHICAGO, IL – Busy week at the Shrine. New Truss No. 1 was installed. The truss was assembled on 64th street. An all-terrain hydraulic lift was situated on 64th street and ready to lift the truss. A spreader bar was attached at two center points at the top of the truss. The spreader bar allows the truss to be lifted with equal weight on each side. Each end of the truss had a tag line and one or two men to hold the line and guide the truss.

The crane slowly started to lift the truss up and then the men used the tag line to rotate the truss in a north south direction, same direction for installation in the church. The truss was then hoisted up over the wall. Inside the church were two Genie lifts with two men in each bucket ready to receive the truss.

Once the south end of the truss was over the north wall, the tag line was handed off between the men on the ground and the men inside up in the lifts. The truss continued to move south and lined up with the columns below. The men in the lifts continued to hold the tag line to control the ends of the truss to line the truss up with the columns below. Once in alignment, the truss was lowered on to the columns.

Walkie talkies were used for communication amongst the ground team, the crane team and the team in the genie lifts. Once Truss No. 1 was set on the columns, the team connected the truss to the columns and then added a temporary brace at the ridge of Truss No. 1 to Truss No. 2, to hold it in place for the night. Once stable, the spreader bar and crane were released from the truss.

Work continues this week securing Truss No. 1 to the west wall with the installation of the purlins. Once Truss No. 1 is secure, the team will move to Truss No. 2 for removal.

Photo Gallery of Truss Installation (Click to enlarge)