Trusses 2 & 3 Installed

CHICAGO, IL – On April 4, 2018, Truss 2 and Truss 3 were lifted into place! The trusses were assembled on the ground and inspected. At the columns, the hip connections were installed. The exiting columns received a hip connection at the top of the column where they were welded into place. The new truss was attached to the hip connection with bolts and welds.

Truss 2 was lifted late morning and then two purlins were installed connecting Truss 2 to Truss 1. Once Truss 2 was secure, Truss 3 was lifted into place. Two purlins will be installed from Truss 3 to Truss 2 to support the trusses until all the purlins can be installed.

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