Fire-Damaged Trusses 5 & 8 Removed

CHICAGO, IL – Thursday, April 5th, was a busy day at the Shrine. More fire-damaged trusses were removed from the roof! Trusses 4 – 8 are all interconnected. These trusses form the main roof of the sanctuary, and also the small roofs over the Transept that runs north and south. The Transept is the transverse part of the building, which lies across the main body of the nave creating a cross-shaped form.

Because of the interconnection of these trusses Truss 5 had to comes out first with Trusses 8 and 7 to follow.

Truss 4 was temporary braced to Truss 3. All the purlins were removed from Truss 4 to Truss 5 and between Truss 5 to Truss 6. Truss 5 was supported by the crane with the spreader bar attachment. Truss 5 was cut loose from Trusses 8 & 7. Tag lines were at each end to guide the ends as in previous removals. The use of walkie talkies helps the ground crew communicate with the team in the lifts and the crane operator.

Once Truss 5 was safely on the ground, the crew began to work on removing Truss 8. Truss 8 was secured with the crane and the spreader bar. The purlins were cut from the truss to the south pediment wall. The truss was cut loose from Truss 6 then Truss 4. Once loose the truss was lifted and set on the ground.