April Recap

CHICAGO, IL – April was a very busy month at the Shrine, and the weather may finally be conducive to even more high quality work!

1. Trusses were installed.

2. Half of purlins were installed.

3. Half of sag rods were installed.

4. Valley beams are in fabrication.

5. Wood framing and sheathing at the altar have been completed and roofing in this area has begun.

6. Masonry repairs continue one wall at a time in sync with the metal work.

7. Remaining known materials have been ordered for Phase I completion.

The project remains on schedule. As a reminder, it is a very active worksite, with little space for movement of materials and equipment. We encourage those who are interested in more frequent news than this monthly update to see the weekly updates on the blog rather than try to visit the construction site. This is for your safety, as well as that of the construction team.