Complete June 2018 Update – Phase 1

CHICAGO, IL – Shrine of Christ the King Sovereign Priest-Construction Phase I, June 2018 Monthly Update

– South wall column/truss pockets are now enclosed by masonry. This shows a truss (the angled steel), bent plates (the steel pieces attached to the wall on both sides of the truss), and the masonry enclosing the truss and the column it is attached to, as well as the masonry that had to be added to the walls to reach the roofline.

– Columns on either side of the altar have been enclosed by masonry up to the roof line.

– Tuck pointing has been done on major wall sections, many that will be difficult to manage once the decking is installed.

– Bent plates have been attached along the top edge of the north and south walls.

– Safety lines are set atop the walls around the perimeter of the building and along the roof centerline. These lines are for the safety of crew members working so high off the ground without the benefit of basket lifts.

– Decking is being laid! Work began in the northwest corner, around the tower. Metal roof decking serves as the base for roof insulation and, ultimately, the exterior shingles. Decking is corrugated to increase stiffness in spanning from point to point across the steel roof frame. Below: decking uninstalled, decking sheets installed.

– The action of three machines and two teams (masonry and steel) in the building at once can be a challenge. These lifts are used to move material, equipment, and team members. Notice two men at the top of the wall. It seems a large space when only people are inside, not so much when machinery is moving around.

The Shrine has been invited once again to participate in Open House Chicago. We have accepted, so please come visit! The event is scheduled for October 13-14, 2018. It is always an honor to participate and welcome new people to the Shrine, even in its evolving state!

The first grant payment from the National Fund was approved by their Board in mid-June and the $125,000 check should arrive by mid-July. This is an indication that the Shrine Phase I project is meeting the commitments made when the grant was awarded last winter. The final inspection and documentation required by the Fund are expected for late summer, early fall 2018.

Thank you for your ongoing enthusiasm for this project! Phase I is the first step toward a renewed home for the congregation and the neighborhood.