Original Stone Reinstallation

CHICAGO, IL – Original stones are being lifted to the southwest corner of the Shrine’s building for reinstallation this week! Once this corner’s interior masonry is complete, the final decking section will be closed.

Roofing under layer will begin Monday, August 27th!

Roof Decking and More!

CHICAGO, IL – Great progress on the Southwest corner and decking. Now for roof under layers and shingles and exterior stone!

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Summer Restoration Update

CHICAGO, IL – July and now into August have seen major progress on getting the building covered and the interior better protected from the elements.

Metal framing was the first step for the new roof. At the beginning of July, the major components were in place.

As decking was installed, it was apparent that additional support was required, so these components were fabricated and installed in July.

Decking is the first layer on the framing. You may have seen it sitting in the parking lot until it was ready to be installed. It has welded and screwed connections to keep it attached and rigid to support the upcoming roof layers.

As the decking is installed, the space to lift materials and the pros gets smaller, requiring great skill with the machinery.

In August and September, the roof under layers will be installed. These provide insulation and a moisture barrier between the exterior and the interior. These are then followed by the shingles, which are the final external layer that protect the building from weather and restore the roof to its previous appearance.

The major southwest tower masonry work is also underway, with stone to be added next week. You’ll notice the scaffolding in the courtyard that is being used currently by masons, but will also be used by the roofing team.

With Phase I funded and near completion, it is time to think about financial support of the next phase of the restoration. Phase II will meet the requirements of the City of Chicago for occupancy, so that the congregation and the neighborhood can once again use the building. To name a few elements: Phase II includes architectural and engineering design and specification work, exterior windows and doors, safety and accessibility systems, heating, electrical, plumbing, concrete slab floor, roughed in walls and ceiling, stairs and secure upper floors are required as part of the Phase III ultimate architectural vision of the Shrine. The end of Phase II will provide a safe, blank canvas for the beautification that is Phase III.