Roof Progress and More!

CHICAGO, IL – The roofers are working hard each day this week for the roof installation, as can be seen in the photos below. After the sub-roof and insulation are put down, the shingles will then follow! With a number of important dates coming up, various pieces of the roofing and building stabilization have reached completion. Others tasks continue at a healthy, safe pace to move the Shrine that much closer to occupancy approval by the city. (Click photos to enlarge)

The steelworkers have completed all work and are removing equipment, materials and trash from the side yard and the building interior. These items have built up over the 12+ months this Woodlawn corner has been a construction site.

With the exception of the access opening on 64th Street, needed brick replacement is complete. Stone replacement on the south wall will be finished simultaneous with the roofing of the north side of the church. Scaffolding in the garden area will remain until completion of roof and stone work on the south side.

We are down to two bucket lifts from a time when we had three lifts, a Bobcat, and a crane! It is important to have this equipment when necessary, but expensive to have sitting unused.

The important restoration-related dates coming up include:

9/27: A visit from the incoming class of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, who are in pursuit of their Masters of Science degrees in Historic Preservation. They will learn from us about various aspects of preservation, and will be assisting us with some materials analysis.

10/7: The third anniversary of the Shrine’s great fire. A day to be grateful for what survived and to celebrate how far the Shrine community has come!

10/13-14: The fourth year that the Shrine will let the public, through Open House Chicago, catch a peak of the interior of the building, as well as a collection of interesting items found during demolition and stabilization. We will also find some pictures of the interior before and right after the fire to help tell the story of the space.

10/22: A final inspection of the roof by the National Fund which honored the Shrine with a $250,000 matching grant for the roof structure, decking, underlayment and shingles.

Plans are under development for Phase II. First up are exterior window and door replacements as funds are available. Let’s keep the momentum going!

Month of August Recap

CHICAGO, IL – Monthly recap of construction progress for August 2018. (Click images to enlarge.)

August saw the completion of the roof decking and steelworkers’ tasks!

Decking for the Southwest corner was purposely left open so that the brick and stonework of this corner could be repaired/replaced. This masonry is finished now with decking to be laid early September.

The inlaid gutter and wall top stonework on the South Wall will begin the first week of September as well.

Scaffolding will remain in the courtyard until the roofing and stone replacement are complete. These tasks are heavily weather dependent, so you will likely see activity on dry days.

A picture of the brick and stone repair work required in the Southwest corner of the building.

It has taken three years to accomplish Phase I. With your ongoing emotional, financial, and spiritual support, we embark on Phase II. Many employers will match your financial gift, doubling your money to the Shrine. Gifts-in-kind for materials required in Phase II are also welcome, and reduce the amount of funds that must be raised.

With time, money, a little luck, and many prayers, the congregation and the neighborhood will enjoy building occupancy in a reasonable time.

God bless!