Look What You Made Possible!

CHICAGO, IL – For the first time in three years, the National Shrine of Christ the King is protected from the elements!

The South Side of Chicago experienced their first major snowfall today, and for the first time since the devastating fire in October of 2015, the Institute’s National Shrine has a roof to keep the snow outside. Following the tragedy, friends and benefactors helped raise over $3 million to construct an entirely new roof structure as well as to stabilize and clean the damaged historical edifice.

The Institute received the deed for the property following the fire and, now owning the site, is dedicated to building a National Shrine in honor of our Holy Infant King. Thank you all for your prayers and generous support to help the Institute build their National Shrine to Christ the King and Headquarters in the USA.

The Institute is now preparing to launch Phase II of their Capital Campaign to build the National Shrine to Christ our King. May the Holy Infant Jesus bless you all for your support.

Yours devotedly in Christ our King,

Rev. Canon Matthew Weaver

US Provincial Secretary

National Shrine of Christ the King

Project Manager