National Catholic Register Covers Progress of Institute’s Provincial Shrine

National Catholic Register Covers Progress of the Institute’s Provincial Shrine!

Read the published article written by NCR‘s Peter Jesserer Smith in its entirety:

Planned Side Altars for the Institute’s Provincial Shrine of Christ the King

We desire to honor the Kingship of our Lord Jesus Christ from the moment of His virginal conception until His triumphal Ascension into heaven where He lives and reigns as our benevolent and loving King eternally. All of these mysteries in the life of our Divine Lord center around the reality of His Incarnation — the mystery of the Word made flesh for our redemption. Jesus Christ, King — yesterday, today and forever — from the creche to the cross, Emmanuel is King. The center piece of this monument therefore is the well known and beloved Holy Infant King, a 17th century wooden statue of the Infant Jesus in royal robes of the time and crowned by the late Francis Cardinal George during the Octave of Christmas 2007.

Because of this central theme, the theme of the Incarnation, the side altars and shrines, therefore, will all focus on this central mystery and highlight its various aspects, episodes, virtues, manifestations, defenders and proponents.

1. The Mystery of the Annunciation: The virginal conception of our Divine King and the day of His ordination as a Priest, Pontifex, the bridge between God and man.

2. The Mystery of the Nativity: The virginal birth of our Lord and God and the adoration of the angels and the simple shepherds alike.

3. The Mystery of the Epiphany: The adoration of the wise men, the Magi, who followed a star by faith and brought to the Christ Child gifts of gold for His kingship, frankincense for His divinity, and myrrh for His true humanity.

4. The Most Blessed Virgin, Mary Immaculate, Mother of God, Mother of the Word Incarnate, Mother of the Church, Our Blessed Mother.

5. Saint Joseph, most chaste spouse of the Virgin Mary, Guardian of the Holy Family and protector of the Universal Church.

6. St. Francis de Sales, Doctor of Divine Love and defender of the redemptive Incarnation of our Lord for all of humanity.

7. St. Thomas Aquinas, defender of the Faith and Universal Doctor of the Church, the Mystical Body of our Incarnate God.

8. St. Benedict, “Father of Christian Civilization” and of the Sacred Liturgy, the living expressions of the reality of the Incarnation and the Love of God in our daily lives.

9. St. Therese of the Child Jesus – need I say more on behalf of this most beloved saint.

10. The Crucifixion, remembering always that our Lord’s true throne is His most holy Cross, which He offers to us each day that we might reign with Him forever in heaven.

(Information courtesy of Canon Matthew Weaver, Project Manager)