Final Blueprints for the Institute’s Provincial Shrine of Christ the King

During a brief visit to the United States, Monsignor Schmitz, Vicar General of the Institute, met with the Provincial Superior, Canon Talarico, for the unveiling of our plans for the Institute’s National Shrine of Christ the King. The two superiors sat down with (left to right) the design architect, William Heyer, the architect of record, Cyrus Rivetna, and the general contractor, Jim Raffin, for the presentation. Monsignor Schmitz was positively astounded by the church’s beautiful design and is most enthusiastic about its effective use of space to create both an aesthetically magnificent and liturgically functional home for our Divine Infant King.

William Heyer will now prepare the design drawings to be handed over to the architect of record, who will then convert them into the building plans that the general contractor will then use to make this vision of heavenly beauty a reality of earth and stone. During the monthly Novena to the Holy Infant King, we contemplate the mystery of the Incarnation — the mystery of our redemption; the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us. He wishes to dwell among us still, but where will He reign?

Our divine Lord Jesus wishes not only to reign in our hearts, but also in our society. We show Him (and others) we love Him by making the shrines of our hearts visible in the world. We do this by what we “build” in the world each day. We help build His kingdom with our corporal and spiritual works of mercy. However, our Divine Jesus wishes for His kingdom to be public, that is for all people, which means that He asks us also to build Him public monuments of His Kingship for all to see and from which all may be blessed.

This is the wish of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest: to build our Lord Jesus Christ a public monument acknowledging His divine sovereignty over all the universe, the National Shrine of Christ the King. Will you help us honor the King of kings with a palace for His greater glory on earth?

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