Easter Peace Brings New Life to Shrine of Christ the King

If there is one thing that we all can learn this Easter from the Prince of Peace, it is that peace is not a passive, but an active reality. Our blessed Lord did not say, “Blessed are the peaceful”, but rather, “Blessed are the peace makers”. Peace, therefore, is not something that is given; it is something that is achieved. It is something that we achieve together.

Thanks be to God and to you, our friends, we have been abundantly blessed with the means necessary to drive forward with our plans to build the National Shrine of Christ the King, making to rise from the grave this beautiful and historic landmark church that she may once more be to souls both near and far a place of prayer, a place of beauty, a place of peace.

This past week, as our blessed Lord descended to the depths of hell to ransom the souls who awaited His peace, we descended to the depths of our beloved church to prepare its basement for the construction of the new restroom facilities and mechanical rooms. The rubble was removed, the walls scraped, the structural masonry fortified and all load-bearing walls rebuilt to ensure the solid foundation upon which we will now continue to build the National Shrine of Christ the King.

Now with our Blessed Lord, the Light of the world, we will rise from the depths to begin to manifest to the nation the light of the church and the hope that her resurrection brings.

This week, as construction continues on the basement, we will begin the arduous and important task of restoring the church’s historic exterior windows. Workers will remove all rust from the original steel frames, make all necessary repairs and then prime and paint the metal to ensure its longevity and beauty. Then, they will replace all the panes with clear, 1/4″ laminated glass, duly protecting the future interior stained glass and allowing once more the beauty of pure light to illuminate the church’s interior.

This monumental step did not come without the great sacrifices made by you, our friends and supporters, during these most recent Lenten months of prayer, fasting, and alms giving. The basement construction and window restoration alone required a nearly $200,000 investment on your part.

Like all good investments, there must be a return for us to continue. Made for the future, we must see promise in the present, or we shall not continue in faith. Your investment is for eternity, and I wish to thank you now and forever for your sacrifices. As the windows of the National Shrine of Christ the King are brought back to life, I wish to thank you for your generous and devoted help by offering the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for you and your intentions throughout this blessed week of Easter, the Feast of Peace.

We will rebuild the Church together, but it will be through our sacrifices. May our risen Lord bless you for yours now and forever. God love you.

Rev. Canon Matthew M. Weaver, Project Manager