North Side Complete on Institute’s Provincial Shrine!

Window Restoration Update

Windows are to a church what truth is to the soul. They protect us from the harsh elements and give light to our path.

Just two weeks after beginning this critical step in the building of the Institute’s Provincial Shrine in the United States of America, the windows on the church’s north side have been completely restored.

With full ownership of this historic landmark edifice, the Institute of Christ the King is dedicated to building within its unshakable walls our national headquarters church to serve as “our cathedral” for our mission and work in the United States of America.

This beautiful Renaissance style building has ten massive windows, which magnificently illuminate the church’s interior. We are restoring the original frames and replacing the panes with ¼” laminated glass, which will not only seal up the building’s existing exterior, but will also serve as protective glass for the future stained glass.

Before and After!

What’s Next?

This week, the workers will move to the church’s south side to continue the window restoration, projecting completion in early June.

With the building now enclosed, interior construction can finally begin!

What a story this has been! We never could have come this far without God’s blessing, and we certainly could not have reached this point without your help!

Thank you all for your many prayers, your generous support and for your friendship and dedication to the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest in the United States of America.

May Christ our King bless you for all you do to honor Him!