What’s Next? Let’s Keep Going!

As work on the church continues this summer, a very important part to improving “the whole” is our dedication to taking care of “our part”. Our investment in making the church beautiful in this neighborhood is an investment in the neighborhood at large. Beauty converts; it draws us in, gives us joy and transforms us.

A critical element to making any property beautiful is “curb-side appeal”, where very little makes all the difference. Nothing says “welcome” better than a clean parking lot, and nothing says “we care about our property” better than a little landscaping. This is the next step: show that we care. Let’s make our place nice — for ourselves, for our guests and for God. Let’s redo the parking lot and clean things up!


We will improve the parking lot by removing all volunteer trees and brush, demolishing all unsightly structures, regrading the surfacing for proper drainage, patching and filling damaged areas, resurfacing the pavement and striping. We will also make it beautiful by replacing the fence and mechanical gate, landscaping the front, adding sitting areas and installing decorative lighting fixtures. If we all pitch in just a little more, we can have this completed by the end of summer. May God bless you abundantly!

To find out how you can help by donating to the 6401 Woodlawn Heritage Foundation, please email our Project Manager, Rev. Canon Matthew Weaver, at info@institute-christ-king.org