Latest Updates

Wiss, Janney, Elstner Inspection

CHICAGO, IL – Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates (WJE) was on site yesterday to inspect the southwest corner of the Shrine. During the fire, this corner (shown below) was badly damaged and unstable stone was removed shortly after the fire for protection from falling. WJE inspected the remaining stone and brick by using a hammer test to check for structural integrity. In another area a metal detector was used to find the steel column embedded in the brick.

Upcoming Construction Schedule

CHICAGO, IL – As we Commemorate the 2nd Anniversary of the 2015 fire at the Shrine on October 7th, we are now able to update you on our adjusted construction schedule:

  • – Steel shop drawings have been approved and the materials to build the steel are being procured
  • – Fabrication of the steel to begin middle of October
  • – Steel roof framing will start erection early to mid-November
  • – Roof installation will begin at the beginning of the new year, January 2018
  • – Work will continue through the winter depending on good working conditions… prayers please!
  • – Critical Masonry work will continue throughout the steel setting process and will finish up in February after the roof has been completed.

Stay tuned for information regarding a recent development in the Shrine’s fundraising campaign. In the meantime, please notice our updated fundraising thermometer at the bottom of the Home Page which has reached $2.18 Million of our $3 Million goal for Phase 1!

Southwest Corner Work

CHICAGO, IL – Brick has been removed at the southwest corner of the building, similar reconstruction to be done in this area as other parapets. New brick will build the wall back up then a bond beam will be installed on top to provide support to the wall.

Milestone Met at the Shrine!

CHICAGO, IL – Good News! Today a huge construction milestone was met. The shop drawing review has been completed and the steel can start to be fabricated. It was a long and tedious process, but the old rule of “measure twice and cut once” is spot on. It is very critical to have the shop drawings correct so that the steel is fabricated to the correct size. Rehab projects like the Shrine have complications that new construction projects may not come across. The more time spent prior to fabrication will lend itself to smoother transition to the new steel installation.


First Autumn Update

CHICAGO, IL – The parapet wall over the north vestibule at the Shrine is done! The Concrete Masonry Unit (CMU) bond beam at the top was tied to the existing masonry wall with rebar to the sides and new stainless steel threaded rods were used in the center of the CMU to tie the block to the brick. The South wall will start next week!

Work at the Parapets

CHICAGO, IL – Work continues at the parapets to reinforce the wall in preparation for the steel installation. The parapet walls over the north vestibule had five courses of existing brick removed and rebuilt with brick, block and bond beam to fortify the wall. Masonry ties were used to tie the new brick in with the existing brick.

South Wall Work Continued…

CHICAGO, IL – Last week at the Shrine, work was done on the South Wall at the altar. Below you will see photos of before, during, and after the work at the parapet.

Demolition of the loose brick at the parapet

After Demolition

During the brick rebuild of the parapet

During Brick Rebuild

The final build of the parapet

Final Build


Our Commitment

The Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest stands committed to the rebuilding of the Shrine church for our faithful, neighbors, supporters, and the continuation of the Shrine’s presence and mission in Chicago and throughout the United States.

We pray you will be able to help us with this important commitment: or

Busy Week at the Shrine

CHICAGO, IL – Busy week here at the Shrine! Scaffolding was erected at the altar walls. Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates (WJE) was on site to inspect the demolition of the first four courses of brick. It was determined that the interior brick wall was not stable at four courses and more courses needed to come out. New brick will be installed to replace the existing to create a strong bond for the wall. Both walls are being ground out and prepared for tuckpointing.

The October 2015 Fire

Did You Know? In October 2015, a fire devastated the Shrine of Christ the King, destroyed its entire roof structure, and threatened demolition of the building. Four and half months later, in February of 2016, the Archdiocese of Chicago conferred ownership of the Shrine to the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest. Rebuilding has been underway ever since!

Help to rebuild the Shrine!