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The October 2015 Fire

Did You Know? In October 2015, a fire devastated the Shrine of Christ the King, destroyed its entire roof structure, and threatened demolition of the building. Four and half months later, in February of 2016, the Archdiocese of Chicago conferred ownership of the Shrine to the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest. Rebuilding has been underway ever since!

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South Wall Work

CHICAGO, IL – Work continues at the Shrine. This week was finishing up the bond beam installation on the south wall at the parapet. 24” threaded stainless steel rods were set vertically through the new bond beam and brick and connected into the existing brick. Rebar was set horizontally and the bond beam was grouted solid. The bond beam was installed to fortify and strengthen the wall. When the old steel is removed the wall needs to have the strength to stand on its own until the new steel is set in place.

Canon Talarico Working Hard

CHICAGO, IL – Canon Talarico was on site overseeing the work at the south parapet wall, even getting his hands a little dirty assisting with the grout pour in the bond beams.

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Coupon Testing at the Shrine

CHICAGO, IL – Coupon Testing was done yesterday at the Shrine. What is Coupon Testing?

Coupon testing is essential in the design of renovations of steel in historic buildings to understand the yield strength of the steel and the chemical content to determine the feasibility of welding to the new steel. When the carbon content of the existing steel is known the new steel can be made to make welding feasible.

Coupon Testing at the Shrine
Coupon Testing at the Shrine
Work at the Shrine
Work at the Shrine

The Shrine & the Community

Since the Shrine’s inception in 2004 under the leadership of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest, the Shrine community has multiplied its members from all ages and backgrounds, developed many traditional Catholic devotions, and hosted cultural and civic events such as concerts and neighborhood meetings.

Help the Shrine continue to be an instrumental and vital part of the Chicago Community!

Tension Testing

CHICAGO, IL – Tension Testing was done on Friday, August 4th to test the strength of the stainless steel rods in the new brick and bond beam construction. 5-7 layers of existing brick were removed to install new brick with a bond beam on top. 24” stainless steel threaded rods in a mesh sleeve are installed every 8” alternating 16” o.c. (on center). These rods tie in the existing brick to the new construction creating a stout bond and strengthening the top of the wall. This is all preparation work for the new steel trusses.

Resurrection from Ashes


Our Campaign to Restore a Landmark, the Shrine of Christ the King

The Shrine, a center of Catholic Faith & culture for the local Woodlawn neighborhood, the entire Chicago area, and beyond

We hope you will join us in our ongoing campaign to restore the Shrine. Your generous assistance is critical to our effort to restore this landmark building and continue as a bridge-builder in the Woodlawn neighborhood of Chicago.

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Campaign Case Statement

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Interior of the Shrine
Interior of the Shrine

Preparing for Steel Installation

CHICAGO, IL – Preparation work continues at the Shrine for installation of the steel.  New brick was been laid and old brick has been *tuckpointed in preparation for the installation of the bond beam at the top of the north parapet wall.  The bond beam will stabilize the wall during the steel replacement.

*Tuckpointing in general, refers to the process of repairing mortar joints in stone or brick masonry wall by grinding or raking out the old mortar to create depth and then filling in with new mortar.

Summer Progression

CHICAGO, IL – Brick at the top of the masonry wall is being removed today in preparation for the installation of a bond beam. The bond beam will provide structural support for the wall during the replacement of the steel.